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VIZIO Discusses the Benefits of Direct-to-Device [VIDEO]

As brands and content owners have an increasing number of ways to engage with consumers via video content, direct-to-device stands out as an option that emphasizes transparency and a “one stop shop” approach.

VIZIO VP of Platform Sales Adam Bergman shares more on the benefits of direct-to-device in the video below.

“We’ve been talking a lot about direct to device, right? What that means as a strategy to work directly with a television platform like Vizio. We didn’t come into this business saying, well, there’s really a shortage of places to buy connected television. Quite the opposite. I think our business is thriving on this idea of clarity and transparency.

Our goal is to create a valuable partnership across the ecosystem. So whether you’re a content publisher, you’re an aggregator of inventory, you’re a buyer. You know, our goal is to deliver a clear message as the television platform. We own the hardware, we own the software, we have unbelievable insight as to what is happening on our platform. What that means from a really tactical transactional level, is that we can deliver control to an advertiser, transparency in what they’re buying and where it ran. Cost control, right?

I mean, cutting out the middleman. I would argue, going directly to the source brings quite a few advantages to an advertiser, there’s no shortage of inventory. I think there’s a shortage in clear buying paths, and that’s really the story we’ve been telling to advertisers and honestly we’ve been welcomed into the community. I think the advertiser market and the agency market is looking for more clear paths to buy and impactful media.”