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Viewership Insights: Super Bowl LIV

The Big Game has come and gone once again, and this year it was the Kansas City Chiefs who took home the Lombardi trophy after making an impressive comeback in the fourth quarter. 

Inscape.tv, the TV data company with glass-level insights from a panel of more than 12 million smart TVs, compiled insights around the minute-by-minute viewership of the game, for the country as a whole as well as the specific DMAs for the Chiefs and 49ers. Also below: What else people were watching on Super Bowl Sunday. 

For the U.S. in general, tune-in for the game rose steadily during the pre-game and first half, peaking between 4:50-4:58pm PST, right before halftime. 

Now here’s a look at viewership for the Kansas City DMA, and you’ll notice that viewership started increasing around 6:17pm PST. The Chiefs scored at 6:35pm PST, and viewership in the DMA continued to gradually increase over the rest of the game.

This third chart shows tune-in for the San Francisco Bay area, and it starts dropping off near the end of the game as it became clear that the Chiefs were going to win.

Unsurprisingly, Kansas City, MO was the top DMA that tuned into the Super Bowl, followed by St. Joseph, MO; Topeka, KS and Green Bay-Appleton, WI. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA was #10 on the list. 

Via Inscape.tv

For households that didn’t watch the Super Bowl, America’s Funniest Home Videos was the most popular alternate choice, followed by Ridiculousness and Cops. For TVs that flipped back and forth between the Super Bowl and other shows, America’s Funniest Home Videos led, followed by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir and NCIS: Los Angeles. The No. 1 show watched after the game was The Masked Singer, which makes sense because it aired on Fox immediately after the Super Bowl broadcast concluded.

Via Inscape.tv