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VIDEO: Inscape’s Ken Norcross On The Evolution Of TV Measurement

As part of our upcoming series of Special Reports on the Emerging Smart TV Ecosystem, we sat down with Ken Norcross, Inscape’s Director of Business Development, to discuss how TV Measurement is evolving and why smart TV OEMs and their ability to use ACR data to measure both linear and streaming give them such a big leg up.

KEN NORCROSS: At Inscape we’ve gone through a bit of a change over the last year. I think it’s been kind of widely seen in market that we’ve shifted our strategy now that Vizio ads was created and we’ve created this beast of an ad sales organization that’s powered by our Inscape ACR data. We took the time to kind of reframe and reposition how Inscape data was going to be in market. That focus will really mainly be on the evolution of TV measurement and driving and becoming an ingredient and the fuel for future currencies today that encapsulate both CTV and linear TV. I do think that the measurement space is going to continue to evolve in the next few years and I do think Inscape as an ingredient to that evolution is going to be crucial to the future of measurement in the future of TV. I think if we just look at consumer behavior shifting between linear and streaming, those watching SVOD and AVOD services, but also watching linear content as well, versus those who just watch linear content you really need a data set that sits between both and I really do think that is Inscape’s sweet spot. So looking at the future, you’re going to need to bridge that gap, and I think our data is a key piece to bridging that gap