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TV[R]EV Special Report: The State of Smart TV Advertising

The increasing adoption of smart television sets brings new opportunity for TV advertisers. By 2021, eMarketer projects 114.3 million smart TVs will be in American homes. And with all of these new sets comes a wave of data that will help advertisers create more actionable, targeted campaigns designed to take advantage of the new way Americans watch TV.


This newly popular method of capturing viewing data uses Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to track what users are watching on smart TVs, providing second-by-second reporting that can be used to understand viewing patterns and to measure the effectiveness of TV advertising.


TV[R]EV is excited to announce our second report, in which we break down the emerging smart TV advertising ecosystem, examining how ACR provides a superior method of capturing attention data and viewing habits. We’ll look at the major players in the ACR advertising ecosystem and the privacy and transparency concerns that advertisers need to be aware of when utilizing this new kind of data.


TV[R]EV lead analyst Alan Wolk together with veteran editor, author and journalist Dade Hayes (B&C, Variety, Deadline) and others interviewed over 30 different top-level executives working in the television, marketing and advertising industries to get an inside look. Click here to download the free report: The State of Smart TV Advertising.


And ICYMI, here’s our first report: Automatic Content Recognition: How It Works.


Why it matters

ACR technology provides a strong adjunct to Nielsen and other traditional ratings systems by allowing advertisers to get results from a much larger audience.

Since ACR data is supplied by OEM TV manufacturers and their subsidiaries, there’s none of the “grading their own homework” fears that arise with digital video or with letting OTT apps provide their own metrics.

Advertisers’ use of ACR data is poised to grow over the next three to five years as it provides the most thorough data sets across multiple devices and formats and can measure time-shifted viewing as well as linear.


And more… in TV[R]EV’s free report.


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