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The Hurdles Ahead For Addressable Advertising (VIDEO)

Everyone is talking about addressable advertising, but there are still a variety of problems that need to be remedied before it can come to fruition. For example, industry standards around delivery and measurement are necessary for addressable to actually scale… And the path of least resistance is big brands with billions in buying power, joining forces to drive the industry forward.

Check out TVREV lead analyst Alan Wolk’s take on the hurdles ahead for addressable advertising, which discusses findings from our recent The State Of Addressable Advertising report. To get the full report – with exclusive interviews with top execs from Cadent, Inscape, Nielsen, Project OAR and SpotX – follow the link.

Here’s the interview transcript.

The problem that we found out during our report is it is confusing af it is super dispersed in terms of measurement in terms of how it’s bought and sold and so advertisers find it really confusing. And a lot of them have reacted by smooth staying away. They’re just kind of like no, maybe go away. But they’re also realizing No, we need this.

Just one of the more interesting pieces of feedback that we got is that if this is ever going to happen, good people who need to make it happen are the big brands who spend billions of dollars on advertising every year. They’re the ones you have to say, Okay, this is what we want to do. This is how it’s going to work and you guys have to do it.

Now all the companies who are out there in the field, would love to sort of have a standard issues. They want themselves to be the standard so somebody when they’re waiting for somebody to kind of take charge of the brands to charged then. We think that that may be how all of this starts to coalesce and actually become a thing.