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The Fraud Problem in OTT [VIDEO]

For a while, much of the advertising industry was under the impression that OTT was fraud-free… But let’s be real, fraudsters follow the money, and with CTV ad spend expected to hit $7 billion this year, digital TV is a prime target.

In fact, fraudsters are already leveraging many of the same methods of fraud they use on digital, on OTT. Here’s Adam Helfgott, CEO at advanced TV advertising company MadHive, on how they are identifying and eliminating fraud across 210 DMAs.

Here’s the transcript.

Adam Helfgott: There’s a lot bunch of analytics you can do in real-time just to see weird things that happen. Whether it’s a, you know, basically spoofing and whatnot and you kind of can see patterns and call that stuff invalid. But a lot of the way that we view fraud is that having these a third party to tell you if it’s real or not, means that the underlying system is letting in some sort of problematic information.

We’re working with a bunch of other people in the industry to develop standards around. It’s like validating at the source and keeping a trail of information all the way through that’s mathematically backed pretty much as well essentially securing the supply chain.

Exactly, securing of supply chain having the keys of everybody on a public record like a public blockchain of sorts, where you can validate everything that after the fact that And then, when I’m sitting with a client, they’re like, oh, we’re okay with 6% fraud, which sounds crazy to me.

Because, actually there should be no fraud.