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The Days of “Privacy as an Afterthought” Are OVER [Video]

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It’s no secret that digital advertising has a “privacy problem”, and as long as we keep treating privacy as an afterthought the problem will never be solved. The only way to create an ecosystem where privacy and profitability can coexist is by building the entire infrastructure from the ground up with privacy in mind. 

TVREV sat down with Tal Chalozin, Co-Founder and CTO Innovid, to discuss the future of consumer privacy, and the important role that standards will play in scaling an industry-wide solution.

Here’s the transcript:

The third act of television must be a privacy first approach, meaning that you don’t build an infrastructure and then think about how do you create an after market privacy, but build everything from the ground up with privacy in mind. For example, if in order to serve every ad, you need some form of an identification, create standards on what is the ID and how do you opt out of an ID. How is an ID shared between different devices and between apps on the same device? All of that is the beginning of building any type of advertising solution for that world.

In order for us to build something that would scale up, we must work to create something that is very clear for the user. What data is he or she sharing? How do you opt out if needed? Why shouldn’t you opt out because this is the value that you’re going to miss and maybe create a better value exchange on what I am getting in return for contributing the data and who actually gets that data.