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Talking About A [R]evolution Podcast, Part 1: Sean Muller, CEO, iSpot

Welcome to the very first episode of our TV[R]EV podcast, Talking About A [R]evolution.

In this episode I talk with Sean Muller, who founded iSpot about seven years ago as a way to track TV shows and commercials using a nascent technology known as Automated Content Recognition (ACR).

Today iSpot’s become the go-to source for brands looking to track their own and their competitor’s advertising. Muller and his team have also used that data to track multitouch attribution, so that brands can see the effect of their advertising on the sales funnel.

And last week they announced a deal with LiveRamp to combine their data and allow brands to actually target their own custom customer lists across the entire television universe–all networks, all platforms, time-shifted and linear.

Muller explains the importance of this deal, where he sees the industry headed, why he’s a fan of ACR and what smart marketers and TV executives should be looking for next.