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Why Are Super Bowl Brands Shanking Easy Chip Shots?

In 2015 and again in 2016, brands adopted a strategy of releasing multiple Super Bowl “teasers” and took to flooding social media channels with different takes on a creative concept. Brands were more aggressive in showcasing ads on air during the NFL Championship weekend, and the race for attention was in high gear heading into this week.

By this time in 2016 (Tuesday before game day) brands were scratching at 120 million views and half of a million social actions. See below, insights from iSpot.tv, the TV ad analytics company: brands are forgetting the lessons of the early bird and leaving engagements on the table.

Image and data courtesy of iSpot.tv

In the age of data-driven marketing the big question is, why? Why leave all that engagement on the table?

Long before the dawn of social and the rise of mobile phone addictions, the Super Bowl was seen as the single best day of the year for an advertiser to reach an audience.  The water cooler on Monday was always about the game and the ads. But now, in today’s always-on marketing and always-crazy news, are brands betting on freshness and surprise and (gasp) actual in-person shared experiences as the premium bet?