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Streaming Isn’t Replacing TV, It’s Supplementing It

This week, the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) compiled key insights from 2016 — appropriately, via video. It’s far from everything we learned about video consumption habits last year, but these are some of the major themes that will now should inform spend around video in the coming year.

Streaming’s big, TV’s still bigger

With 93 percent of all video still consumed on TV, that medium’s death has been greatly exaggerated. People are still streaming a ton, but super-users hold more sway than you may think — just 6 percent of the population accounts for 87 percent of all streaming. And those users still watch over four hours of linear TV per day. Rather than the primary source of video for most users, streaming is growing as a supplemental part of the TV experience.

People are still watching live

Half of TV households don’t own a DVR, and 77 percent of primetime TV is still viewed in real-time. That’s plenty of motivation for advertisers to continue to commit dollars to those timeslots without fear of losing out on eyeballs.

Millennials are glued to screens

It shouldn’t come as a shock, but Millennials are watching screens of all shapes and sizes. They consume over 88 hours of multi-screen content every month, and watch four times more ad-supported TV than YouTube (take note, YouTube content creators and advertisers). Half of all moviegoers are also Millennials, creating another major touchpoint to reach that audience via video.

Check out the video for more insights shared by VAB: