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Social, TV & OTT All Have Unique Serotonin Cycles

Last week, Turner and Horizon Media commissioned a Neustar study which found that, for a $1M investment, television’s lift is consistently seven times better than paid search and five times better than online display advertising across a broad list of advertising categories.

BUT WHY? Could it be that the social and digital milliseconds beg for more scrolling and surfing, branded or not? Yea of course. That’s why the social networks want “real” long form content. People are habituated to chill and consume and lay like deer in the headlights for minutes on end, right where brands want them.

Maybe that’s why brands are lining up for TV conversion and attention analytics, and why there’s an insurgence of retargeting from smart TVs. Could also be why comScore is inking set-top deals with Charter and why the future is uber competitive for digital studios, still.

And what about an immersive moment in virtual reality — when your senses are confused and your mind is susceptible to a moment that will be imprinted forever-ever? Or in AR when Charlie Tuna winks at you in the grocery store? Those (brand) seconds last a lifetime.


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