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Shark Week Streams to Victory in Phelps vs. Shark

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Streaming in Shark Week

The planned stunt of Phelps racing a shark was a shaky narrative at best but, it was made for the internet and the press — and it delivered because by now, you too already knew that. The makers of annual TV event “Shark Week” are smart enough to offer plenty of live streaming action, but the non-Phelps twist we applaud? Discovery is using the buzz to drive people to the Discovery Go app.

O.J.’s parole hearing was the buzz last Thursday, as social media users everywhere proclaimed “The Juice is Loose!” And yet, the live broadcasts around the event scored just 13 million viewers (nowhere near the 150 million that tuned into the 1994 murder verdict). The streaming totals are still being tabulated, however, so perhaps this juice was worth the squeeze after all.

Adweek has the story on how Adult Swim dominates with live video content, including events, branded programming and 24/7 streaming on AdultSwim.com. For a video collection that skews younger and more web-savvy, it’s the natural progression that lays out a roadmap for others to emulate — something that MTV has already done in Europe. In the last 18 months, they’ve narrowed it down to a science, simulcasting shows and rebooting old favorites for the Facebook Live audience.

Hulu Live gets even more pick-up for its streaming service, as Amazon Fire’s on board. Still, without Roku (for now), you’d have to think Hulu’s missing out on a lot of would-be eyeballs on its subscription-based live TV service.

Feeling a little Twitchy? Twitch will be marathoning Starcade, reminding viewers of every ‘80s video game they left at their parents’ house and now wish they could play.


As more marketers dive into the live video pool, many could use a helping hand to navigate the uncertain waters. Brandlive’s Fritz Brumder provides a guide to the products to buy to produce great live content without breaking the bank. Speaking of playbooks, Joel Comm presents his own tips on building a live video marketing plan from scratch. “Let our powers combine… Go live video!”

Once you’re up and running with live-streamed content, the next step is obviously to monetize the videos. TheNextWeb’s Rachel Kaser explains how to go about raking in that cash — from subscriptions, to ads, and donations. In China, another option is just to start streaming every second of every day. The results could mean a windfall of $100,000 or more right now.

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