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How Brands and Publishers Aim to Capture Billions in Social Video Dollars

Social video audiences continue to grow, but brand and publisher spending on those platforms hasn’t necessarily followed suit to the same extent. Reach and engagement for video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube can be similar or even greater than TV at times. Yet without standardized measurement across all of these platforms that resembles television, it’s been more difficult to scale the social video economy accordingly.

The lack of investment leaves billions of dollars on the table -- a number that will grow in the coming years without third-party standards to allow brands and publishers to invest with confidence.

Tubular Labs and the Global Video Measurement Alliance (GVMA) have been working to address these issues, establishing TV-like standards for social video. Whether it’s deduplicated views, watch time, unique viewers or other attention-based metrics, there’s a lot of value to glean from the measurement standards the GVMA’s developed and is bringing to market. With TV-like metrics in place, TV-like budgets could potentially follow on social video.

You can read more about how the industry’s moving forward in this new report from TV[R]EV and Mike Shields, which includes input from Discovery, Group Nine Media, Hasbro, Janus Strategy & Insights, Rakuten Ready, Tubular Labs and more.

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