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This Report Will Change The Way You Think And Talk About OTT

If you work in the media and advertising industries, our TVREV special report is the clear and common sense primer on the brand new world of ad-supported OTT you’ve been looking for.

OTT is the future of television, it’s happening as you read this, and yet, as we discovered, very few people have a clear understanding of how it all works.

That’s because it’s confusing.

There are a lot of moving pieces. If your background is in digital, the TV terms can be baffling.

If your background is in television, the digital lingo makes no sense to you.

This report can fix all that.

It’s designed to be a primer on OTT, useful to complete newcomers and those who’ve been doing OTT from the start.

Co-author Mike Shields and I will walk you through the entire process. How OTT got started. Who you buy it from. How they sell it. How it’s measured. How to make it addressable. How it works with traditional linear.

You’ll learn all the lingo: OTT versus CTV, what DSPs and SSPs do, why there are walled gardens, who maintains them, what ACR means and why it’s important, what’s a business outcome and why it’s even more important, whether the smart money is on GRPs or impressions, and what the “Flixcopalypse” is and why it is one hundred percent going to change everything.

The report is 56 full-sized pages, with charts and graphs and diagrams. It’s written in TVREV’s trademark conversation style, which is to say your eyes won’t glaze over as you’re reading it and you may actually crack a smile here and there.

At just $249, this report is a steal.

It will make you the smartest person in the room, at least when it comes to ad-supported OTT. But more than that, it will change the way you think and speak about OTT, because for the first time, you’ll finally understand how all the pieces fit together.

Who should buy this report?

If you work at an ad agency, a brand, a TV network, an OTT platform, a device manufacturer, an ad tech platform, a measurement company, an MVPD or a vMVPD, a startup or an established company, this report is for you. There are many moving pieces in this complex and growing ecosystem, and we can help you to become an expert on all of them.

Get your copy here.