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Pepsi, Tostitos Feature NFL Stars Joe Flacco And Von Miller In Super Bowl Ads

Earlier this week, we profiled the digital release of the first Super Bowl ad from Intel, “Brady Everyday.” According to the real-time TV ad attention analytics company iSpot.tv, Intel, Pepsi (2) and Wix.com have released 2017 Super Bowl ads thus far (keep track here: iSpot Super Bowl Ad Center).

As Super Bowl ads continue to launch on YouTube, Facebook and other social platforms, the emotion analytics company Canvs provides a good barometer for how these ads are emotionally resonating with viewers on digital.

Since Intel kicked things off on January 12th, Pepsi has also joined the party with two ads featuring NFL superstars Joe Flacco and Von Miller, which were both released on Tuesday (1/17).

Since its launch, “Joe Flacco: Super Bowl Party Poopers” has more than 40K views on YouTube, with 45% of all Emotional Reactions (ERs) from viewers expressing love. (What is driving the love? Put simply, “Joe Flacco” himself is mentioned in 30% of all love ERs.)

Fans also found themselves laughing at the commercial, with funny accounting for an additional 20% of ERs.

The “Von Miller: Super Bowl Party Planner” commercial has garnered nearly 5K views since its YouTube release, with 20% of all ERs expressing love thus far. The most emotionally resonating moment with viewers was the instant classic dialogue from Miller, “You look like a scoops girl.”

Make sure to check back for more Super Bowl 2017 ad updates as they roll out.