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People Pay Attention To Beer Ads in the Summer

The times represent the arts and vice versa. And so very often the times– the things people care about, are drawn to, and can’t look away from– can now be seen in data. That is if the data is properly cleaned, structured and the right questions are asked of it.

And so, with the summer swelter upon America and the TV serving as a device that goes well with air conditioning and hiding inside from said swelter, we thought we’d look at what brands and what industries are doing the best at keeping the attention of people at home.

With all the world cup soccer games afoot (sorry), politically addictive programming and other sports that have trained appointment viewers to linear– my guess going in was movie trailers, followed by the inescapable industries like Insurance (I swear that little gecko is everywhere).

Alas, the industry with the least amount of interruptions? Beer. Cold, refreshing, delicious beer. Using data from iSpot.tv, which measures attention and the propensity for interruptions to TV ads at scale, we found beer is buzzing (sorry again).

With almost 22.3 billion TV ad impressions served up to TV screens June 1-July 31st, ads for suds are 23% less likely to be interrupted than any other industry. Movies came in third, by the way, with 8% over average attention, behind the home improvement category.

You can see from the chart below, Beer is also second to only movies when it comes to reach on summertime TV.

TV Advertisers Ranked By Attention June 1- July 31st

Top Ads

When you get down to a creative level, Tecate has the ad least likely to be interrupted followed by Cerveza Victoria. And of course Bud Light wasn’t going to not get a medal for creative, its Redemption ad crushed it.

Brand Winners

While Bud Light has a reputation for crushing TV ad competition like a can on the forehead of a frat boy, this summer so far the beer brand winners go to Corona Premiere and Coors Light, both of which clocked in as ads at least 40% less likely to be interrupted compared to other beer brands, each with impression counts in the hundreds of millions. In contrast, Corona’s Extra, while being tops among brands in terms of reach, fell below the attention average — in part because it had twice the amount of exposure which leads to burn out or “creative wear.”



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