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PadSquad Vertical Video Ads Grow 1200% On Heels of Snapchat

Snapchat is becoming the camera app that Snap Inc. the camera company wants it to be, and the transformation is coming from an unlikely source: brands. Advertisers are tapping rich media advertising leader PadSquad to transform Snapchat-created vertical videos into interactive vertical video interscroller ads for the mobile web.

“We’re taking what Millennials and Generation Z love on Snapchat, and we’re helping brands extend their audience reach across premium mobile web supply,” said PadSquad founder and CEO Daniel Meehan. “Our vertical video interscroller product introduces a new, modern way of video storytelling that is native to the device and aligned with the behavior of the younger mobile social audience that brands covet.”

Brands and agencies are using the Snapchat app to create a large library of vertical videos at an economy of scale, extracting the assets for use outside of Snapchat’s walled garden. PadSquad then strategically transforms the Snapchat-produced videos into vertical video interscroller ads which can be distributed across its exclusive premium publisher marketplace.

Since launching vertical video ad formats in January 2016, PadSquad’s vertical ads growth is more than 1200%. Further, the company’s vertical video interscroller product is outperforming traditional video ads with a video completion rate 389% above industry benchmarks. Examples of brands leveraging PadSquad’s vertical video interscroller ad formats include: Elizabeth Arden, ABC, Delta, Activision, Barilla, Pillsbury and many more. In addition to vertical video, PadSquad also offers innovative formats such as 360 video, Interscroller, Reactive Scroll Hover, Glide, Mosaic, and Switch Screen.

Brands are also utilizing PadSquad to transform standard video assets into vertical video aspects that they can use with PadSquad and Snap. In Q3 2017, PadSquad will be offering select brands the opportunity to be part of an Alpha program to bring the industry’s first interactive vertical video to market.

PadSquad began offering vertical video ads programmatically in Q4 2016, and the first campaign launched in April 2017. Added Meehan: “Our vertical video interscroller product is outperforming traditional video ads with a video completion rate of 35 times above industry benchmarks. That certainly says something about what’s working in mobile advertising.”

PadSquad has exceeded industry engagement rate benchmarks by more than 200% with rich mobile media experiences built on behalf of a number of Fortune 100 brand such as Nordstrom, Intel, PepsiCo., Home Depot and L’Oréal.