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NFL Advertising is Fine, Haters Can Suck It!

All you haters saying the NFL advertising is screwed you’re wrong, and suck it!

Papa John’s may have ditched after spending more this year than last, but IMO because the PR bump would sell as many pizzas for less than buying time. Cause for all the hating on the NFL, its TV advertisers aren’t leaving.

In fact– there are now more industries represented and the same amount of brands coming to the table as last year.

See below data special thanks to iSpot.tv’s — (which measures TV ads real-time at scale and delivers attribution and attention analytics).

While there is movement on the top industries, its the same dominant players as always spending the dough, realizing what so many forget– LIVE TV is still the powerful way to get TIME in front of a consumer.

The NFL attention scores are good (85.7%) which is remarkably similar to last year this time (85.32%)  both of which are demonstrations of the sheer volume of time TV gets in the household and why digital is still a ways a way from owning it. Another story for another day.

  • “auto & general” = insurance

NFL Industry Spending 2017 (Sept 7-Nov 1)

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