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MOAT-ing the TV

While there is new data showing time-shifting is strong among Millennials and everyone seems to finally admit the TV empire is in a severe re-alignment, there is some good news for TV. Nielsen says there are more TV houses than ever . And more good news per this Australian study TV ads drive more attention, short-term sales than Facebook and YouTube

This lines up with what iSpot.tv is doing for brands– once you have the IP of the TV and the pixel on the website, you now have a way to match exposures to sales activities. That kind of advancement is needed in a world where Amazon is Promising NFL Advertisers it Will Track Whether Their Ads Get People to Buy Things on Amazon .

Speaking of advancement- when you measure TV activity from the glass you can also measure attention and interruptions at scale. Things like How Spots Wear Out In Ad Campaigns are just the start of re-defining attention on TV.  ICYMI: Joe Marchese imagined the whole attention economy as a crypocurrency.  

Considering Joe is a force driving major changes in ad formats, measurement and philosophy, it may be closer than we think.