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MadHive Explains How Cryptography is Eliminating Fraud on OTT [VIDEO]

As streaming continues to grow, the opportunity for fraud potentially grows with it. That’s not a knock on OTT video, but rather a product of digital advertising. Provided you’re actively working to eliminate fraud, however, this is an acceptable trade-off when considering the greater targeted ad capabilities that come with the medium.

But how do you effectively eliminate fraud? MadHive CEO Adam Helfgott shares more on how cryptography can help in the video below:

Someone buys a 60-second spot, uses server-side technology to basically chop that into two 30 second spots. They’ll put their own ad for their own OTT on the first 30, they’ll take the other 30 and pipe it through their own ad server, and then pipe that pipe back into SSPs as their own inventory so then they’ll be basically get a free ad. They’ll also make money on reselling that impression as their own inventory in like the current ad tech ecosystem. So that’s like a really weird gray — is that fraud? It’s still an ad impression, someone still saw that, the name might be changed, but maybe that 30 seconds makes it the other person, you know?

There’s all sorts of stuff there, but that would never happen in linear television because there’s no way. Your television is very transparent. And so with a system of cryptography kind of outlining where everything is, the buyer would know the state of that impression where it came from the provenance of all the data.