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Maddow Shares Viewers with Hannity? And More Election Day Stats

There is so much made of how divided America is– but there are things we all have in common. We watch TV, we post on social media, and we express ourselves. We also love our families, our neighborhoods and want things to change. No matter what side. And sometimes, hidden deep in the stats there is some common ground we forgot existed.

So let’s look at cross-over political viewing  for TV networks:

Looking at Inscape data from 9 million+ TVs to understand just how much audiences that watch one cable news network are consuming others.

While it’s true 86% of primary Fox viewers didn’t visit MSNBC for as much as two minutes, some 24% of MSNBC viewers did spend least 10 minutes on Fox News per month. However, 7.6% of Hannity viewers gave Maddow at least 2 minutes in one month, and 14% for Cooper, so maybe we’re getting somewhere? Perhaps unsurprisingly, folks that watch more C-SPAN are also by a wide margin the most likely to spend time on both CNN and Fox (57% for each).

Though one thing Inscape’s glass level data can’t tell: is this hate-watching or open-mindedness? We’ll bet equal parts.

Axios’ HBO lead in this week brought out the hate. But before you mistake viewer commentary for hate for the show, a look deeper with Canvs AI emotion measurement reveals viewers were reacting to the plot lines (aka world issues) viscerally. That’s good news for HBO and Axios, people who feel also tell people and tune in. See below a breakdown of emotions and topics.  

Emotional and topical analysis from Canvs.ai

Across the social video landscape, a special midterm search from Tubular Labs shows two very different universes. On YouTube, it’s a mix of TV publishers leading the view and engagement counts.

Last 90 days according to Tubular Labs

An interesting aside, the top midterm videos show Trevor Noah has 4 of the top 10 most viewed, ahead of even POTUS.

Yet on Facebook, Group Nine’s NowThis is dominating with 4 of the top 8 publisher slots, way ahead of CNN and a (surging) Cuomo. And views there dwarf YouTube— the top two channels for them tallied over 500 million views – helped no doubt by exclusives with Beto, Obama, DiCaprio, Pitt.