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LTN Global Discusses How Addressable TV Avoids Privacy Issues [VIDEO]

This “On Privacy” video is brought to you by Inscape .

Addressable TV is growing, and with that growth comes natural questions about privacy. But with the potential privacy concerns highlighted early in the game, it brings opportunities to implement solutions as part of the rollout.

LTN Global CTO and Head of Strategy Alan Young recently discussed how addressable TV can avoid privacy issues, and prioritize targeting that puts the individual first: ” I think making sure that the targeting is done in a secure way that does not impinge on any individual’s privacy is in the best interests of everyone. Because if it’s not done properly, then it’s not going to be effective.”

“And I do think it’s important, though, to point out that targeted advertising, or addressable advertising, as well as being more relevant to the consumer, it’s a better experience for the consumer to see something that’s relevant to them is more valuable. And it helps advertisers get that message across rather than, you know, the the high degree of wastage that that exists today and like basically blasting the advert out to everyone.”

That consumer experience is a crucial part of the successful implementation of addressable TV, as audiences want to understand how it’s better. If they’re seeing more relevant ads, they’re more willing to provide data to make those possible. Without the trade-off that provides benefits to consumers and a non-disruptive experience, it’s harder to sell in the idea that addressable is worth it for them to participate in.

“So, if (addressable is) done properly it’s a win-win-win,” said Young. “It’s a win for the consumer because they’re getting something that’s relevant to them. It’s a win for the advertisers because their marketing budgets are being spent more efficiently. And it’s obviously a win for the inventory owners because they get to make more money from their content.”