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Love Only Grammy Can Give

In a time when dark, binge worthy dramas and political news spinsters are casting a serious shadow on human minds; when attention is edge-ranked into (sound off) social bites — there is something so damn refreshing about America’s best musical talent gathering to celebrate the hits of a year no one will soon forget.

For more than 26 million people, the 59th Annual Grammy Awards delivered that moment of unity. It did what TV is best at — breaking emotional ground. Making people feel. And like the kind of Grammy who scolds you and then smothers you in kisses and cookies, the annual awards show delivered emotions by the bucket.

Here, a snapshot from Canvs.tv, the emotional analytics company, shows the breadth of emotions expressed during the night. With more than 2.3 million Emotional Reactions (ERs) — viewers poured over 900K expressions of love onto Twitter alone last night.


According to iSpot.tv the attention analytics company that measures activity for TV advertising from more than 10 million smart TV sets– the audience was younger than the average TV viewer. It skewed female. And, perhaps most importantly to the brands who purchased time, the ads had a low tune out rate.