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LG Ad’s Serge Matta On How The Pandemic Affected The Smart TV Ecosystem.

As part of our upcoming series of Special Reports on the Emerging Smart TV Ecosystem, we sat down with Serge Matta, President of LG Ads, to discuss how the pandemic impacted the growth of the smart TV ecosystem, where ACR fits into the picture and why advertisers are so hot on the OEMs. WATCH FOR THE REPORT ON WEDNESDAY, SEPT 8th.

SERGE MATTA: In some respect, what happened last year with Covid has obviously significantly increased the strength of the market. So the amount of streaming has significantly increased—it’s just exploded in terms of what’s happened at home. And we just become beneficiaries of that in the fact that we have the glass– if we own the glass, we own the TV.

And as a result we now have every one of the OEMs building their own FAST channels and they have their own content stores and they have all of that.

But the ACR thing, ACR Is not a new thing. Let’s just be honest. It’s something that’s been around for years. It’s just now, all of a sudden, the advertisers and the broadcasters have woken up and basically said, “Hey, we can provide and measure and advertise at scale to a segment of the population that’s really no longer just a niche segment.” It’s really the overall segment of the population that’s now coming and watching and doing these activities.

It’s no longer just a certain demo that is watching–like Millennials are only watching streaming. It’s the entire population that’s watching this. And they want to be able to advertise to that audience at scale, and they want to be able to measure them at scale.

And that’s what has fundamentally changed. In some respects Covid and the shift to that has actually helped these businesses and helped our business as well.