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IRIS.TV Ensures Success For New Bud Light Branded Content Campaign

Pop-ups, interstitials, and other obtrusive ad formats have become a harsh reality of our daily journeys across the digital landscape. Additionally, the recent uptick in ad fraud and brand safety concerns have made advertisers especially cautious.

Luckily, some companies are leveraging technology to ensure peace of mind (and success) when it comes to digital campaigns.

IRIS.TV, a video personalization company that enables publishers and marketers to maximize revenue on owned and operated digital properties, today announced a private marketplace for brands to distribute branded video in-stream alongside contextually relevant content and across hundreds of premium publisher sites like CBS, Time Inc., Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter.

The first campaign featured branded content from Bud Light, and was in collaboration with The ID Agency.

“Using IRIS.TV’s video personalization technology, we were able to place a number of branded video campaigns, including a recent piece for AB/InBev (Bud Light) inside contextually relevant streams and found that 20 percent of viewers watched the entire 100-second video when played after editorial content on premium publisher websites,” said Alex Boyce, from The ID Agency.

Using augmented intelligence and machine learning technology, IRIS.TV treats branded assets like content, not pre-roll, resulting in higher completion rates as the platform knows when and where to present the video to achieve the highest engagement and completion rates.

“We’ve lost the concept of ads being part of the entertainment experience. Too much emphasis has been placed on volume of impressions without proper attention to the quality of user experience and brand affinity. This is why we created IRIS.TV for Brands, to enable marketers the ability for creative storytelling through branded content and distributing it in-stream into smart playlists on premium publisher sites,” said Field Garthwaite, CEO & Co-Founder, IRIS.TV.

Brands like it because it is a safe form of distribution to a highly sought after audience in an engaged environment, where they are already watching editorial video before they are shown a branded video. The IRIS backen analytics also provide in-depth engagement metrics, so brands can more effectively measure ROI.

Check out the full campaign here: