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#InspiredBy: Solving The Mobile Creative Crisis, Tricks Of The Trade

The Modern Marketing Summit has grown to include over 600 brands, agencies, and media companies, all discussing cutting edge techniques to reach consumers while delivering interactive user experiences.

At last week’s gathering in Chicago, I hosted a panel along with Cameron Friedlander, the Global Head of Media and Marketing Technology at Kimberly Clark. During, several key topics continued to rise to the surface.

In order for digital advertising to transcend; three things must work together seamlessly:

  • Data
  • Technology
  • Creative

And up to this point, there has been way too much time and investment spent on the underlying technologies, and not enough time or money on where the consumer actually interacts with the brand—the creative!

It’s not just enough to get an ad in front of a user anymore, it’s essential that “the creative that is served, is the right creative at the right time and the right place,” said Friedlander. If you meet consumers with the right content, they don’t care if it came through a SSP, DSP, PMP, whatever, they just want something entertaining.

The best way to do this?

We must create content that consumers ACTUALLY enjoy. Take Timberland for example, a forward thinking brand that has been experimenting with innovative, interactive ad formats (like interscroller and hover) that move away from the traditional banner ads that we all know and hate. And it has been paying off, with the new creative exceeding industry benchmarks by 125%.

It’s essential to incorporate a human element into advertising, which results in an authentic impression on consumers. And while technology is essential to the process, we must do a better job of understanding the technology and the best ways to leverage it to optimize user experience.

In conclusion: enough with the squares and rectangles.