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‘Insatiable’ Stirs Conversation Around Controversial Issue

Netflix’s newest teen drama-comedy Insatiable had its series premiere on August 10, and has been stirring up conversation in the social-sphere ever since.

In fact, the show has prompted more than 20k tweets since it went live, with 47.1% expressing some sort of emotion, according to emotion measurement and AI company Canvs. Overall, roughly 6.7k unique emotionally reacting authors have chimed in around the conversation, including entertainment leaders like IndieWire, Vulture and The A.V. Club.

While the majority of responders expressed love (23.7%) for the show, or that they found it enjoyable (12.9%) or funny (10.9%), the series has been the source of controversy for several hot-button issues.

It started back in July when trailers for the Netflix Original were released, and in less than a week there was a petition with more than 120k signatures in an effort to cancel the show. Now, with the first season live on the streaming platform, some reports are saying it’s even worse than expected.

This has also resulted in a variety of negative feedback on Twitter including hate (8.3%), dislike (4.5%) and anger (1.8%), with trending topics like fat (2.8%), body shaming (2.5%), skinny (1.6%) and weight (1.3%) playing a major part in the conversation.

Despite your belief around whether or not the show is fat shaming, the series is raising awareness around a serious issue. And with the cast standing by the program, maybe it’s time we look at this from a different angle and try to see the constructive conversation it intended to open the floor to.


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