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Influencer Spotlight: The Space Gal

Social media is awash in influencer marketing, especially during the holidays. And while there’s no shortage of sponsored posts promoting gift ideas and deals, there are other influencers sharing unique ways to get some holiday cheer in your life. 

Today, we’re using insights from influencer marketing platform CreatorIQ to do a quick profile on scientist and influencer Emily Calandrelli, who’s host and co-executive producer of Emily’s Wonder Lab on Netflix and known on social media as “the space gal.”

Calandrelli describes herself as wildly passionate about space exploration, and aims to “explain science-related topics in an easily digestible, and entertaining, way.” As stated on her website, another goal of hers is to increase “the level of scientific literacy among the general public” — something I think we all can get behind. 

Recently, Calandrelli partnered with AMD for a social campaign that mixes science with the holidays by showing how to spice up holiday cards using simple LED circuits. And last month, she worked with Educational Insights to show off a STEM Circuit Explorer toy.

Key Stats and Audience Demographics

Calandrelli’s biggest audience is on Instagram, where she has 98.1K followers and an average engagement rate of 6.77%, which CreatorIQ considers “excellent.” On Twitter, she has 85.8K followers and a “good” engagement rate of 0.46%. 

Via CreatorIQ

Nearly 70% of her audience is male, with the majority (41.7%) being 25-34 years old, and 64.2% come from the U.S. 

Via CreatorIQ

Top interests for Calandrelli’s audience include television & film, camera & photography, restaurants, food & grocery and travel, tourism & aviation. Top brands include Walt Disney, Apple, Star Wars, DC Entertainment and Amazon. 

Via CreatorIQ