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Influencer Marketing Goes Micro [VIDEO]

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Influencer marketing is on track to hit $10 billion in global ad spend by 2020, with 89% of marketers saying ROI from the tactic is as good or better than other marketing channels. So, the industry is undoubtedly going to continue growing, but it’s also in the midst of a monumental shift. 

While Influencer Marketing traditionally entailed advertisers getting massive celebrities like Kylie Jenner to post a picture with their product, micro-influencers are increasingly being used as vehicles for creator campaigns. Catch TVREV’s full account of this trend below.

Video Transcript:

Influencer marketing has been catching fire over these past couple of years. But is it a starting to cool down?

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal says that just may be happening. Influencer marketing pioneer Ipsy is now asking its customers to post about its products for free, instead of paying mega celebs.

This is a big trend that we’re seeing across many industries. Advertisers are choosing to partner with micro and nano influencers instead of these mega celebs.

Why? It’s because they’re seeing a higher return on investment. The Rock and Kim Kardashian may be the exception to the rule in this case, but if you go a few notches down, the numbers just aren’t there.

Data from Influencer Marketing Platform, CreatorIQ is showing rapid growth in the sector across many industries. Instagram is the dominant social platform for influencer marketing. It’s used 95% of campaigns, and it’s now turning into the dominant social commerce platform, with in-app purchasing capabilities.

Advertisers already know who’s listening, soon they’ll know who’s purchasing.