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How OpenAP’s Ad Attribution Solution Can Enable The TV Industry [VIDEO]

In the video below, OpenAP CEO David Levy discusses the importance of consistent measurement, standardization and attribution solutions across TV campaigns, and how the advanced ad company is bringing brands simplicity and scale to audience-based campaigns through its new partnership with iSpot.tv.

“One of the biggest things for us was to make sure that the audience that you were planning on and transacting on was consistent and that was a really big focus for us. But then once you have that standardized audience and you’re actually executing your campaign, not only do you want to make sure that the way that you did your targeting on your campaign was consistent, but when you get to the measurement side of things, beyond reach and frequency, you also want to make sure that you is you’re measuring activities down funnel and that those are consistent as well.

For the exact same reasons as reach and frequency, you want to be able to add up consistently and actually measure against each other the performance by different networks, so you can actually do optimization, so that you can have a better sense of how your dollars work in comparison to each other. And so the ability for us to kind of start lighting up standardized attribution solutions across our inventory and across our members was a really important thing for us to focus on. iSpot provided us a good opportunity to lean into that and we’re excited about the partnership and the ability to offer any brand that doesn’t deal with OpenAP the ability to use an iSpot attribution service on the campaign.”