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How is the TV Industry Transacting on iSpot as a Currency? [VIDEO]

This Measure Up video is brought to you by iSpot.tv, the complete real-time TV ad measurement and attribution company trusted by America’s leading brands and networks. Learn how iSpot is being used as a currency here.

Business outcomes have always been an important part of ad buying, but with a fractured media landscape, it’s now more crucial than ever. Brands need to know what sort of return they’ll be getting on a TV ad investment, while networks need data to showcase why they stand out as an ad buy for a given brand industry.

To discuss this further, iSpot.tv SVP of Media Partnerships Stu Schwartzapfel explains how iSpot is being transacted on as a currency in the video below.

“There are a couple of ways that you can transact off currency and it doesn’t need to be as explicit as being a primary or secondary guarantee on an actual media buy. That is a behavior that’s on the up, and it will increase over time, but it’s fairly nascent at present. There aren’t many companies that have actually placed the guarantee on business outcome rather than GRPs. With that being said, there are some companies doing it.

On the other side of the fence, what is a lot more prominent — and absolutely relates to outcome and to currency is using advanced advertising data from companies like iSpot — is attribution data, but also media measurement data that speaks to attention levels, impression levels, creative type, rotations, number of airings, distribution, etc, to optimize a campaign in flight. So instead of guaranteeing off of a metric, we’re using a metric to improve performance as we go and to A. Help the network achieve better performance and B. Get the client better results. So that would be a more prominent and a more current form of using advanced TV data to promote secondary currencies and outcomes.”