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Hey McDonald’s: People Don’t Like Your Grandma

Who would hate on Grandma? Well, if she is hocking McDonald’s chicken for dinner, a bunch of folks. Here’s the thing: no one wants to go to Grandma’s for dinner and eat McDonald’s. And people don’t want to watch McD’s pretend like that’s the case either.

Evidence? People are tuning away from this ad way more than others from the brand.

See below, data from iSpot.tv which measures attention from the glass of 7.3 million TVs. Using view rates much like the web measures ad completion, you can see, the longer this ad is on the less people want to put up with it. The blue line is what we call “creative wear” or the increasing proclivity to turn away from an ad.

That doesn’t mean that people won’t eat up ads from Ronald and co. — if the brand people were smart they would double down on the jobs message, which is over-indexing for the brand and the sector in much the same way that people will sit through ads for delicious looking coffee.