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Hannity, LeBron Out-Drive Astros World Series Win

The Houston Astros won the World Series last night. But Sean Hannity beat out the MLB stars as the bigger individual driver of Emotional Reactions (ERs) from viewers on social this week (Oct 26 – Nov 1), per emotion measurement leader Canvs.

Hannity’s 32,058 ERs beat out Astros Jose Altuve’s 28,808 ERs for the week.

A few notes:

  1. While Sean Hannity sat in the #1 spot for most of the past week, as of midnight last night, LeBron James’ 40,341 ERs pushed Sean Hannity to the #2 spot, proving the NBA star power > MLB star power in terms of ERs.
  2. Wendy Williams took the #3 spot with 32,039 ERs, largely attributed to her fainting on-air (Wendy Williams Faints, Wakes Up As Biggest Badass On TV).
  3. The World Series itself still dominated total ERs for the week — totaling more than 980K ERs.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t all love for the controversial “Hannity” host. Here’s a world cloud of the top ERs surrounding Sean Hannity this past week.

Canvs world cloud providing Emotional Reactions (ERs) to Sean Hannity Oct 26 – Nov 1.