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Gamut Explains How Unified Measurement Works [VIDEO]

This Ad Tech Explained video is brought to you by MadHive.

As TV viewing habits continue to shift toward OTT, it’s not enough to simply measure linear TV or streaming. Solutions must be combined to maximize reach in advertisers’ total addressable market.

Gamut Co-Chief Operating Officer Soo Jin Oh explains more about how unified measurement works in the video below. The company recently announced iSpot.tv as its ACR measurement provider to prove the true incremental reach of their local OTT advertising campaigns.

“Well, I think one, dollars move where the eyeballs are, right? We’re now talking about a business that is going to be growing in the fastest way possible. So when you’ve got marketers, putting clients dollars there, we need to prove the efficacy of it. Proof is in the pudding, right? And I see this ever more important with so many OTT players out there that look and say similar things. Well, the measurement and the ROI and the data that they show is really the performance of their products. So I really do think proving and being accountable is where the industry is at right now.”