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The Frenemy Report: Burn the Book

To address the hacker in the room… you’re going shopping! Amazon’s powering Snapchat shopping (point the camera and -poof!- bucks flow to Bezos). And Instagram rolled out in-app shopping globally within Stories.

It feels impossible to avoid politics — check out these social video spikes around the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings, via Tubular Labs — and thus smart networks like TBS are leaning into White House happenings, with DTC, millennial-approved apps like Samantha Bee’s “This Is Not a Game: The Game.”

Oh and how do we put this gently… your Facebook data probably got hacked (mine did!), hackers slid into Twitter DMs, teens hate Snapchat ads (shocker!), and there will be no sex for you (on Apple TV)!

Alas, there’s an appetite for a FANG “Burn Book”… enter “The Markup,” a nonprofit publication that just raised $20mm to investigate how tech platforms impact society.



YouTube Opens $5 ‘Channel Memberships’ Feature To Creators With More Than 50,000 Subscribers [Tubefilter]

As of now, YouTube’s Channel Memberships are virtually identical to Twitch’s Subscription plan

YouTube will close YouTube Gaming, move it all to the main site [Mashable]

“50 billion hours of Gaming content watched on YouTube in the last 12 months and 200M daily logged-in users watch Gaming every single day on YouTube,” Wyatt said in a tweet.

New Pressure on Google and YouTube Over Children’s Data [New York Times]

But advocates have contended that YouTube is aware that plenty of children watch videos on the main site, and Representatives Cicilline and Fortenberry are pressing Google to provide details of how it may collect data from children’s videos on the site.

Twitter Is Welcoming the Fall TV Season With Event Pages for Episodes [Adweek]

The social network is rolling out event pages for TV episodes, which will go live 30 minutes before episodes air and compile tweets with hashtags and words related to the show, as well as talent names and handles.

New journalism nonprofit to launch, backed by $20 million from Craigslist founder [The Hill]

The project is aimed at exploring how tech platforms like Google and Facebook impact society.

BuzzFeed News Cuts Podcasting Team to Focus on Video [WSJ]

The shift toward producing original video for major social-media and streaming platforms is mirrored elsewhere across the digital publishing sector, as companies such as Mic, Attn: and Vox Media attempt to diversify their revenue streams amid a tough digital advertising market.

BuzzFeed bets its future on being the home of ‘adulting’ advice [The Drum]

Snapchat Gets Visual Product Search Powered by Amazon [Variety]

The Telegraph claims to reach 3 million teenagers a month on Snapchat [The Drum]

Aegis survey says: Teens hate Snapchat ads [Seeking Alpha]

CNN’s Great Big Story: Emotional And Positive Content, Social Media Reach [Beet.TV]

Facebook says attack exposed info of 50 million users [CNN]

Facebook looks to payments from its Messenger service to boost growth [Telegraph]

Instagram TV’s ‘very disturbing’ videos show social media needs regulation, according to a prominent British politician [Business Insider]

Instagram’s co-founders have resigned from Facebook [The Verge]

Instagram Stories rolls out in-app shopping globally [The Drum]

ATTN: Raises $15 Million From Evolution Media [THR]

Viral Videos Are Replacing Pricey Political Ads. They’re Cheaper, and They Work. [New York Times]

Is Facebook Watch a Serious Streaming Platform? These 6 Shows Say Yes [New York Times]

Apple Wants to Be the Hottest Thing in TV—but Without All the Sex [VanityFair]

What’s Apple doing with all that video it’s getting from Oprah, Spielberg, and others? [Quartz]

Facebook’s new Rosetta AI system helps detect hate speech [CNET]

Facebook food channel Twisted is launching a pop-up bar with social-inspired cocktails [Digiday]

Instagram Still Exploring How IGTV Will Make Money for Creators [Variety]

Condé Nast Launches Video Network Geared Towards Women [Adweek]

Shameless Is Back… With A Bang! [TVREV]

Twitter adds audio-only broadcasting for iOS app, Periscope [TechCrunch]

Twitter Admits That It Accidentally Leaked Users’ Private Messages [Esquire]

Nielsen acquires game market data analyst SuperData Research [CNET]

‘So many question marks’: Publishers aren’t ready to commit resources to Instagram’s IGTV [Digiday]

How Do Viral Videos Make Money? YouTubers Share Their Secrets  [WIRED]