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SPECIAL (FREE) REPORT: U.S. Viewing Trends 30 Days Into The Pandemic

With Americans quarantined at home during the lockdown, TV viewing habits are changing rapidly.

VIZIO Ads and Inscape compiled stats from the past few weeks to take a look at just what these changes look like, and that Special Report is now available for download, right here at TV[R]EV.

You’ll learn how much streaming went up versus cable, what shows viewers are binge watching (HINT: it’s not the ones you’d expect), what sports fans are watching now that live sports are off the air, and what various demographics–Boomers, Millennials and Families are all watching instead of live sports.

This is an eye opening report for anyone involved in the industry, but especially for anyone in the advertising end of things.

As per iSpot, more brands than ever are advertising on TV now, even during the pandemic. Knowing where to run those ads and the types of programming where you’re more likely to find your desired audience is crucial, especially as more people than ever are watching television for longer periods of time… and paying more attention to the ads.

As Inscape’s SVP of Marketing Jodie McAfee notes, “The good news is that as the industry moves to impression and segment based buying, it’s no longer hard for networks and brands to find exact target audiences.”

Download the report today—it’s free—and be sure to take a look at TV[R]EV’s other reports, especially our most recent one on the State of Addressable TV Advertising, which is not free, but offers a comprehensive and yet easy to follow look at how addressable advertising is being bought, sold and measured on TV today, why brands are so hot on addressable and what the future will look like.

You can download the free report here.