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How Food Network Measures Up Against Other Food & Drink Video Creators

When it comes to online video, food-related clips are a beloved category (food porn, anyone?). And while the popularity of digital-native foodie video creators such as Buzzfeed’s Tasty can’t be denied, it’s worth noting that Food Network, the 24-year-old cable powerhouse, is holding its own in this segment. According to the social video analytics company Tubular, it was actually the second most-watched creator in the food & drink category for December 2017.

Food Network racked up an impressive 866.4 million total video views across Facebook and YouTube. The network has followed in the footsteps of other video creators and found a solid audience on Facebook in particular — the social network accounted for the bulk (779 million) of the views in December and 3.5 million YouTube views.

While Food Network’s most-viewed clip was of a five-foot tall wedding dress cake, it’s been seeing a lot of success with “how-to” videos: the second most-watched clip in December was “How to Make Sheet Pan Eggs for a Crowd” (something that would come in handy when all the relatives are visiting) followed by “How To Make Ham and Cheese Arancini.” Various other how-to videos populate its most-watched list.

Here’s the full ranking for food & drink creators in December:

1. Tasty
1.1 billion Facebook views
77 million YouTube
Most-Watched: “Loaded Scalloped Potato Dome

2. Food Network
779 million Facebook views
3.5 million YouTube views
Most-watched: “5 Foot Tall Wedding Dress Cake

3. Delish
750 million Facebook views
3.1 million YouTube views
Most-watched: “How To Make Christmosas

4. Tastemade
565 million Facebook
3.1 million YouTube views.
Most-watched: “Lemon Meringue Bombs

5. NTD Taste Life
483 million Facebook views (nothing on YouTube)
Most-watched video “Believe This Fishing?