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Facebook & YouTube Affording Growth Of Alex Jones’ Media Empire

TV[R]EV will be tapping media measurement dashboards to present the media industry and general public with facts about the developing Alex Jones/InfoWars story — truth in data, right? Here are a few quick findings diving into the dashboard of social video analytics company Tubular Labs.

1) InfoWars’ Facebook Video Views Are Doubling Month Over Month: Facebook may have suspended Alex Jones’ Facebook account for 30 days, but his InfoWars Facebook views are skyrocketing. According to Tubular Labs, InfoWars’ monthly Facebook views jumped from 2+ million to 4+ million from May to June, and July’s numbers are shaping up to continue that trend.

Why does this matter? Simple. The suspension of Alex Jones’ personal account does little (if anything) to curtail InfoWars’ accelerating growth as a dominant media publisher on Facebook.

2) ‘The Alex Jones Channel’ Was #30 In “News & Politics” Views On YouTube In June: While YouTube issued a warning against Alex Jones’ channel and removed four of his videos, ‘The Alex Jones Channel’ is enjoying success and climbing the monthly YouTube leaderboards, coming in at #30 in total views in the “News & Politics” category in the U.S. for the month of June.

Why does this matter? Alex Jones is becoming a top media brand on YouTube and the recent additional mainstream attention will likely further accelerate growth.

What’s happening beneath the surface? When you look closely, Alex Jones is leveraging cross-pollination between different Alex Jones and InfoWars channels to boost his reach, and the recent slap on the wrist of removing four videos doesn’t address these growth tactics moving forward.

Additional fun fact: Alex Jones is quite the prolific uploader, with 36 videos posted to his YouTube, Facebook, Twitter channels in a single 24-hour period this week, and 200+ videos posted across platforms in the last 7 days.

More to come. Is your flame lit to report on this issue? Please contact us at yotvrev@gmail.com for data access or with general questions.