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Engagement, Not Views, Becomes New Currency for Facebook Live

Much has been made about Facebook’s algorithm change and its negative effect on publishers. However, there is potential for a positive outcome there as well, even if just for a few select content creators. Some are finding that while views are dipping, engagement is going up on the platform, narrowing to a smaller but more focused audience. That rewards those who make higher-quality videos that are worth watching for longer, sharing and interacting with. Even with the backlash toward Facebook pulling the plug on paying for live content, that’s not a bad deal for the site’s best publishers (who could potentially recoup what they lost by making great live videos).

Your weekly live video news round-up is below. Feel like we missed anything? Drop us a line.

Despite subsidies disappearing, some publishers see hope for Facebook Live post-algorithm change [Digiday]

Live video on Facebook could see a renaissance following the company’s recent news-feed algorithm change. At the same time as Facebook said it would de-emphasize publishers’ and brands’ organic posts in people’s feeds, it held out hope for companies producing live videos.

Facebook Named Live Stream Partner for ‘The Oscars: All Access’ [The Hollywood Reporter]

All Access will feature footage from over 20 cameras placed along the red carpet, backstage and in the audience at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Viewers who watch the broadcast via Facebook will have the opportunity to receive a digital signature from one of their favorite stars. The Academy also will encourage viewers on Facebook to connect with one another via its official Facebook group, Oscars Movie Club. And it will share Oscars Insider content on its Facebook Watch show page throughout the week ahead of the awards ceremony.

BuzzFeed’s ‘AM To DM’ Brings In One Million Views Per Episode By Incorporating “Twitter’s DNA” [Tubefilter]

At 9:45 PM ET on February 15, in a spacious, well lit studio within BuzzFeed’s New York office, the prominent media company is preparing to begin a new episode of its hour-long morning show AM To DM, which is streamed live each day on Twitter. Soon, hosts Saeed Jones and Isaac Fitzgerald will address an audience that, according to BuzzFeed, contributes upwards of one million total views per episode.

YouTube Updates Live Streaming Features [Deadline]

One feature, live-chat replay, will allow the chat conversations that took place during a live stream to replay alongside the video whenever someone watches. This gives viewers the chance to experience the live stream exactly as it originally appeared. “We think it will make the replay quality of live streams much, much better,” said Wilms.

Recursive Labs Unveils First-of-its-Kind, Video-Based Customer Engagement Tool [MarTechSeries]

Request offers a revolutionary way for businesses to interact with their online consumers. Whether using their mobile devices or desktop computers, with Request, consumers can easily and quickly create a live video by recording their screen to show and explain their issues or pose their questions in real-time. They are afforded the ability to describe their issue using their own words, in their own voice, and then, with one click, send the video off to the respective business for rapid resolution.


Amazon’s Football Livestreams Will Test the Premier League’s OTT Ambitions [Digiday]

Digital Video Industry Continues to Grow in Size and Complexity [eMarketer]

F1 TV offers live streaming service for 2018 season, finally [CNET]

Twitch’s first live game show ‘Stream On’ debuts March 8 [TechCrunch]

Theatr Clwyd To Offer Live Streaming Of Shows [Broadway World]