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Conviva’s Nick Cicero Explains Streaming Measurement [VIDEO]

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With so many media platforms today, measurement becomes a major concern. For content owners and advertisers alike, you want to know how to measure views, clicks, engagement and more, and how that relates to your investment in that specific audience.

For streaming, specifically, it’s an interesting time — one that poses both unique challenges and opportunities around measurement. So how do you measure streaming video? Nick Cicero, vice president of strategy at Conviva, shares a bit on how they manage the process:

Conviva provides a 360-degree view for streaming media companies, publishers and producers of content served over the internet; whether that’s on OTT devices, web apps, or whether it’s in social media. The company processes more than 1.5 trillion “events” — content viewing sessions — per day for streaming.

Every time someone is tuning into some of the major streaming services, Conviva collects that data from the second that leaves the content delivery network (CDN) through consumption. It then follows that journey to social media as well, to view a complete picture of how customers interact with a piece of content from start to finish.