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Coming Soon: TV[R]EV’s Special Report On The FASTs

We named them and now we’re doing one of our much anticipated Special Reports on Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV services. 

In this report, we will look at why the FASTs are suddenly so popular (hint: “free” is only a part of it), how the pandemic is affecting them, and why both viewers and advertisers are so excited about them.

We’ll walk you through the various ways FAST inventory is bought, sold and measured, and explain why they’ve become the go to source for advertisers looking to add unduplicated incremental lift.

The report also takes a look at the ten most important FASTs and explains why major network groups like ViacomCBS, NBCU and Fox were so anxious to get their hands on one. We then compare those network-owned FASTs (Tubi, Pluto, Xumo and Peacock) with the FASTs owned by device manufacturers and smart TV OEMs.

Finally, you’ll get our TV[R]EV take on the future of FASTs, including our predictions for future ad revenue, why FASTs are likely to play a starring role in the new TV ecosystem, what that ecosystem will look like (hint: bundles), what the new TV interfaces will look like, and whether there’s room in the FAST market for new players.  

As always, our reports are based on off the record conversations with dozens of insiders at TV networks, streaming services, ad tech companies, ad agencies, brands, the trade press and the FASTs themselves, who, freed from the constraints of corporate comms teams, can tell us what’s really going on.

We’ve even added the results of a survey of executives from the aforementioned industries, where we asked them to give us their opinion of the present and future prospects of the FASTs and compiled the results into the sort of colorful charts you can easily drop into a PowerPoint or Keynote.

But wait, there’s more!

We have one last sponsorship slot left, so if you’re interested, please get in touch at info@tvrev.com.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for it later this month.