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Canvs: Update: Hamilton Makes Waves on Disney+ in its Opening Week

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Two weeks ago we, along with the rest of the country, counted down the days for the release of Hamilton on Disney+. Anticipation ran high for critics and fans alike. The question on everyone’s mind was whether or not the mammoth hit show would survive the translation from the stage to the small screen.

At this point, it goes without saying that critics and fans alike have dubbed Hamilton a “great musical.” Of course that doesn’t mean it would be well received in its filmed version, which premiered on Disney+ on Jul 3rd. In many ways, it’s better than a live show. You have a front-row seat to every micro-expression, quivering lip, and bead of sweat. Did you know that Hamilton cries during “Yorktown”? However well done the filmed version is, it is not the same as a live performance. The ambient audience noises reacting and interacting with their neighbors during intermission were absent. Missing moreso, and a crucial ingredient was the energy a live audience brings to Hamilton that can not be replicated any other way. Since Broadway is officially closed through 2020, Hamilton on film is a gift to help us wait, as well as for those who didn’t get a chance to see it in the first place. 

With a 74% increase nationally and 47% increase globally in Disney+ app downloads over its opening weekend, it’s fair to say that Hamilton on film was a streaming success. As the standard for emotion measurement in media, we at Canvs revel in analyzing the fans’ emotions through social media. Curious to know what emotional reactors really feel about Hamilton on Disney+ we went straight to the source for the answers. 

Almost a month after its release date was announced on Jun 21st, emotional reactions have increased tenfold. On Jul 15th, there were 212,704 emotional reactions out of 578,063 tweets with the bulk of the reactions occurring in its premiere weekend. The reaction rate on Jul 3rd, its release date, was 36% with 93,209 emotional reactions. Viewers’ LOVE and EXCITED meters were high with a combined 52% comprising reactions for this day. Fans expressed it with: “Wow. No words. #Hamilfilm” and “I FULLY ENDORSE 🔥.”

Seven days later on Jul 10th, it plummeted 96% only picking up 3,764 emotional reactions. LOVE was still the #1 emotion but CRAZY ranked higher than EXCITED by over 50%. There were plenty of LOVE reactions in the vein of: “Amazing,” “This is excellent work.” and “Outstanding” And there were also reactions like: “Girl it’s even better live 😩😩😩” “Oh my god this sh*t never stops” “Hey @HamiltonMusical get tf out of my head” and “Wow! I had no clue Alexander Hamilton invented rap. #Hamilton”

Disney+ wasn’t the only one to win big on the streaming of Hamilton. The hottest ticket on Broadway, now on Disney+ allows those who were unable to see the show on Broadway due to the exorbitant ticket costs and/or lack of tickets to see it at the cost of subscription. And it’s probably worth it to stick around for the other popular Disney+ offerings in general such as The Mandalorian. It’s a win-win for Disney+ and emotional reactors. Viewers continue to be entertained by this electrifying stage show in filmed form. So if you haven’t seen it yet, hurry up and watch it before it’s no longer available on Disney+ or you can wait to see the theatrical release version sometime in the future.

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