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Canvs: Top TV Shows Winning the Love, Week of May 4

Canvs, the leading emotion measurement technology company, connects consumer input to research insights with patented semantic AI technology to help companies deeply understand and empathize with their audiences.

Each week, we highlight some of the top streaming or TV shows resonating with viewers. This week we highlighted the top emotional moments on TV after Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance took over the internet!

ESPN’s The Last Dance

The Last Dance chronicles Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ quest for a sixth NBA Championship. Considered by many to be, “The greatest team ever assembled“, viewers took to Twitter to proclaim their LOVE for the team and this new series. Celebrity cameos included Kobe Bryant, Barack Obama, Lebron James, Denis Rodman, and of course Michael Jordan. Episodes five and six focus on the formation and development of brand ‘Jordan’ and explores the relationship between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. The storyline lead to CRAZY reactions with “Wow and Chills.”

HBO’s Insecure

In the latest episode of HBO’s Insecure, things begin to unravel for Issa when her headliner backs out of the Inglewood block party. Reactors took to Twitter to express their HATE for Molly who fails to come through for Issa. Of the 6,372 Emotional Reactions expressing DISLIKE, ANGER, and HATE, 68% of those were asserted towards Molly. Reactors were ANGRY at the lack of communication between the friends, declaring them as “Bad Friends, Toxic, and The Worst.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Reactors took to social media to express their LOVE and ENJOYMENT for the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the celebrities involved. The legendary actress and performer, Vanessa Williams’ appearance was greeted with reactions, “StunningIncredibleIconic, and I’m Dead.” Vanessa partnered with a former Drag Race contestant as she strutted her moves in the Dolly Parton-themed Rusical. She won the $30k prize for her favorite charity, and the viewer’s LOVE who exclaimed “OMGMoved to tears, and Felt that in my soul.”

Top Hits to Stream

◊ Netflix’s Hollywood is on fire and viewers are in LOVE with the cast and the characters they bring to life. Some of the stars include Darren Criss, Holland Taylor, Patti LuPone, Jim Parsons, and Dylan McDermott to name a few. The series is set around the Golden Age of Hollywood, right after World War II at the beginning of the era of massive stars, epic productions, and the years where the studio system was at its strongest.

◊ Disney+’s The Mandalorian is a classic Western series with modern production values, set in the galaxy far, far away. Viewers are gushing with LOVEHAPPINESS, and EXCITEMENT as every episode is a Star Wars movie in half an hour. It doesn’t get much cuter than baby Yoda. Yes, the force is strong with this one.

◊ Amazon’s Upload is being acclaimed as “GreatAwesome, and Dope.” Greg Daniels, the writer, takes on a cunning and romantic approach about a future when humans can upload their consciousness to a digital afterlife. Described by viewers as “EntertainingFunny, and Trippy” it’s the cynical version of The Good Place you didn’t know you needed. If you like sci-fi, murder mysteries, or rom-coms you’ll enjoy this new series!

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