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Canvs: The New, the Good, and the Controversial… Top Three Streaming Shows this Week

Canvs, the leading emotion measurement technology company, connects consumer input to research insights with patented semantic AI technology to help companies deeply understand and empathize with their audiences.

Each week, we highlight some of the top streaming or TV shows resonating with viewers. This week we highlighted the top streaming shows celebrating 2020 graduates, Pride Month and controversial cartoons making their debut on HBO Max.

Dear Class Of 2020

The four-plus hour YouTube event being called “Dear Class of 2020,” was meant to serve as an inspirational tribute to this year’s graduates amid the coronavirus pandemic and social justice movements taking place. With a total of 584,840 *emotional reactions, the event picked up the number one spot this week on OTT. Leading with comments of “Congratulations to all graduates!” it acquired 52% Congrats ERs. The Obamas were joined by Beyonce, BTS, Lady Gaga, Secretary Robert M. Gates, Sundar Pichai, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, and Malala Yousafzai as commencement speakers.

Queer Eye

For positive, inclusive, heart-filled TV, no one does it quite like Queer Eye. The Fab Five returned for Season 5 with Berk, Brown, France, Porowski and Van Ness helping turn people’s lives around and helping them feel better both inside and out. Collecting 58% LOVE ERs, tweets of “Gives me LIFE, Most Excellent, and Best news!” topped the list. Rounding out ERs of EXCITEDENJOYEDand HAPPY, there was more good news as Season 5 has 2 more episodes. “Queer eye is back which means so is my serotonin” sums up the wholesome goodness of the show. 

Looney Tunes Cartoons

Emotional reactions ranged across the spectrum with 15% LOVE, 14% IDIOT, 10% EXCITED, 8%DISLIKE, 8% AFRAID, 7% CRAZY, 6% ENJOY, and 4% FUNNY. This motley list stems from changes to the beloved characters in this reboot. Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam will not be carrying guns. They’ll have plenty of sticks of dynamite and cartoon violence, but Fudd will not carry his hunting rifle and Sam won’t have his pistols. Viewers blew up with comments like, “Using a scythe and sparking dynamite is more disturbing than using a rifle.”

Netflix’s More than a Moment Section

◊ Netflix’s All Day And A Night 
has viewers at 68% ENJOY ERs stating it’s a “really good movie.” The narrator says, “Slavery taught black people how to survive, but not how to live. And that’s what we pass on to each other. My father taught me how to take my f***ed-up life out on everyone else.” The rest of the film shows his struggle not to follow the fate of his father, who is serving life in prison.

◊ Netflix’s Dear White People has gathered mixed reviews with 30% ENJOY and 24% ANGRY/ANNOYING which is not a surprise given the nature of topics it covers. The critically acclaimed series follows several black students as they make their way through an Ivy League university. The series skewers all the normal conventions and stereotypes of racism and opens up the gray area that comes between “I have so many black friends!” and “I’m not a racist!”

◊ Netflix’s Luke Cage has viewers excited to watch and re-watch the show as “now is the perfect time to watch this black strong superhero.” Garnering 28% LOVE and 23% EXCITED, the show follows Cage who is the result of a sabotaged experiment leaving him with super human strength and unbreakable skin. He works to rebuild his life away from heroic stunts. But when evil forces threaten to destroy his hometown of Harlem, he is forced to come out from the shadows and fight to save his city.

*Emotional Reactions or ERs – a written dialogue response that contains one or more emotional expressions. Canvs can accurately identify and measure 42 unique emotional expressions such as Love, Hatred, Excitement, Boredom, and Funny.

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