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Canvs: Keeping it Real with This Week’s Top Reality-TV Moments

Canvs, the leading emotion measurement technology company, connects consumer input to research insights with patented semantic AI technology to help companies deeply understand and empathize with their audiences.

Each week, we highlight some of the top streaming or TV shows resonating with viewers. This week we highlighted the top reality-TV moments starting with the season finale of Survivor!


This season of Survivor has been ranked as the “best Survivor season in history,” so it’s no surprise that 40% of *emotional reactors expressed LOVE and ENJOYMENT towards the show. Viewers were full of CONGRATS for Tony, and also reacted with “Unbelievable and Wow” exclamations for the champion and season finale. Dubbing him the “King of Survivor” for his extraordinary win without any votes against him, Tony garnered reactions of  LOVEENJOY, and FUNNY, as viewers claimed the show to be “great, hilarious, and fun.”

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Laughter was abundant on this weeks episode as all the wives go bowling with their husbands. Viewers found Nene’s escalation of the drama to be FUNNY, and offered pronouncements of “HILARIOUSFUNNY, and had me rolling.” Marlo and Tanya rehash their trip to Toronto and Greece, and all the drama in between. Meanwhile, Marlo’s braids were the talk of Twitter town with an average of 4.3 LOVE reactions per minute. Porsha also brings the shade as she questions where Kenya’s loyalty truly lies.

American Idol

The semi-finale had two rounds of performances: Disney Songs and Mother’s Day Dedications. Katy Perry, dressed as Dumbo’s mother, brought 6,824 LOVE ERs with unique remarks like “Queens OMG, Outsold Dumbo, and Cannot stop serving.” Viewers LOVE all things Katy Perry: her dog, her costume, and her entry into motherhood. Emotions ran high for the second round which was for all the mamas, especially the mothers and mother-figures in the lives of the artists. LOVE and ENJOY ERs were driven by “best, favorite, enjoy, and cute.” 

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