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Canvs: Big Brother’s All-Star Season is off to a Huge Start

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With so many shows and movies delaying their Fall release schedule, Big Brother is one of the few truly new shows being released. The extremely popular reality show competition features a number of HouseGuests continuously monitored by cameras and microphones. Throughout the competition, HouseGuests are voted out of the competition. Following production delays, Big Brother announced that it’s new Season (Season 22) will be an ‘All-Star’ lineup, featuring only former contestants on the show, including a couple previous winners. With the new season underway, we decided to take a look at the first few episodes of the new season of Big Brother, and see how it measures up compared to last season.

Big First Week

  • After its first three episodes, the 22nd Season of Big Brother has garnered over 270 thousand Total Tweets, and over 100 thousand Emotional Reactions; equating to a Reaction Rate of 37.1%
    • The first episode airing, which was a live ‘Move-In’ episode, drove the highest Emotional Reactions (39 thousand) and Reaction Rate (41.4%) compared to the rest of the week
    • In the first week of Season 22, the show is currently averaging over 11 thousand Emotional Reactions a day, compared to 4.4 thousand in Season 21 (a 149% increase Season over Season)
  • Compared to the previous Season, Season 22 has also seen huge increases in ‘enjoy’ Emotional Reactions (up 9% compared to the previous Season) and ‘love’ (up 5% compared to the previous Season)
    • Testimonials:
      • Enjoy: “THE HOUSE LOOKS SO NICE #bb22
      • Love: “Big Brother brought back great players!!
  • The notable increases in both positive Emotional Reactions and total Emotional Reactions is likely due to the All-Star Season featuring fan favorites who are better players compared to other recent seasons, which is outlined by the 3% increase in ‘badass’ Emotional Reactions Season over Season

Janelle is Still the Queen

  • In this new Season of Big Brother, it is clear that much of the conversation is revolving around one Big Brother legend, Janelle
    • Janelle is an ‘old-school’ Big Brother HouseGuest and has been on the show three time before: in Season 6 where she placed third, the last All-Star Season where she placed third again, and Season 14 where she placed 12th
  • Janelle has been the biggest driver of Emotional Reactions in Season 22, driving 12% of all Emotional Reactions this Season
    • Happy Big Brother premiere day to Janelle stans ONLY
    • Americans Favorite in the bag @JanellePierzina #BB22
  • Despite being targeted by other HouseGuests on Big Brother, the fans Emotional Reactions to Janelle are overwhelmingly positive
    • Most notably, Janelle tweets earned 9% more ‘excited’ Emotional Reactions and 2% more ‘funny’ Emotional Reactions
    • Excited: “@JanellePierzina is back on my TV screen and that’s all that matters”

Nicole Franzel Hate

  • On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nicole Franzel, one of the former winners of Big Brother featured in this All-Star lineup, has been one of the most disliked HouseGuests in the new Season, with a top Emotional Reaction of ‘dislike’ (22% of Nicole Franzel’s ER’s, 15% above the Season average for ‘dislike’)
    • Dani GIRL come on… franzel is not a good ally 😭😭😫
    • I really was a Nicole Franzel fan but ok #BB22?? I can’t. Her game is played out. Girl bye.
    • Seeing “Social Media Influencer” in Nicole F’s DR bio makes me dislike her even more. #BB22
  • Fans have started to dub Nicole Franzel “Ratcole” to express their disgust with the HouseGuest
    • They “scheming” but wtf are y’all doing RATCOLE
    • This! #BB22 i muted the feeds bc i cant stand Ratcoles nasal voice anymore lol


  • Overwhelmingly, the new Season of Big Brother is off to a huge start, averaging huge numbers of Emotional Reactions with fans excited for the All-Star lineup of HouseGuests
  • Despite being targeted by other HouseGuests early on, Janelle is driving tons of excitement early on in Season 22
  • Nicole Franzel is already being pegged as the ‘villain’ of the All-Star Season, given the nickname “Ratcole”

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