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Canvs: Apple TV+ Raises the Bar of an Exceptional Drama Series

Canvs, the leading emotion measurement technology company, connects consumer input to research insights with patented semantic AI technology to help companies deeply understand and empathize with their audiences.

It’s hard to believe Apple TV+ has been around for less than one year. Launching on Nov 1, 2019, the up and coming streaming service jumped out of the gate with some much loved content making waves with viewers. Winning roughly 35% LOVE from emotional reactors was one of its first debuts, The Morning Show.

And many seem to agree the acting is on point, with viewers reacting emotionally about all of the talent on the show from LOVE to ENJOYMENT and EXCITEMENT to CRAZINESS. No matter what episode, viewers were locked in on Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell’s performances.

One thing can be certain, there is a group of fans that just want more, and they took to Twitter to make bold statements about how they perceived the show’s finale.

While the show took a four week hiatus from production due to Covid-19, they are rumored to be back in action with an anticipated November release date. We’re sure that these fans will be excitedly waiting.

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