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“When Calls The Heart” Perfectly Touches Hearts For Hallmark

It’s not everyday that a television show nails it. There are so many moving parts — scripts, cast, director, production — it’s nearly impossible to create a perfect episode of TV. And the worst part? With the current social media climate, viewers will instinctively take to their platform of choice to bash every one of those moving parts.

But every once in awhile, a show hits a homerun. Most recently, the Hallmark original show “When Calls The Heart” is coming dangerously close to perfection with its fans. Canvs, the emotion analytics company, helped TV[R]EV uncover some rare findings about the most recent season of the American-Canadian series, which has sparked over 72% of Emotional Reactions (ERs) on the network since the start of the year.

The fourth season of the hit drama kicked off earlier this month, and prompted over 64K tweets, with 43.9% expressing an emotion. The top emotion was love, which accounted for an overwhelming 47.7% of Emotional Reactions (ERs). What was driving the love? 5.9% of love ERs mentioned Elizabeth Thatcher, one of the main characters.

Now sure, this is not all that surprising, love is usually the leading emotion. But the other top emotions were excited (15.8%), enjoy (7.7%), happy (4.8%), beautiful (3.7%), excited/ love (3.4%), crazy (3.3%), congrats (2.4%), and funny (1.7%). Notice anything weird….?

Well for starters, there is not a “negative” emotion in sight. While I hate implying silly sentiment ratings by using terms like “positive” and “negative” emotion, especially since Canvs measures 56 different emotions, but as someone who has incorporated this dashboard into his daily reporting over the past year, this is highly unusual. Like two grandmas riding a virtual roller coaster.

The second episode of the season continued on a similar path, with love dominating at 48.3%. The other top emotions were similar to the season premiere, but this time dislike also snuck in, accounting for 1.8% of ERs.

The third episode? Love prompted a massive 53.2% of ERs.

So, maybe the new season of “When Calls The Heart” isn’t perfect, but the numbers don’t lie, it sure is close.