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Brands Use (Live) Video to Promote International Women’s Day

Live video content is becoming an increasing part of every major event, and that goes for this year’s International Women’s Day — today, March 8 — as well.

To highlight extraordinary women, numerous brands will be utilizing live video to draw attention to the stories and passions that make these individuals (and all women) great. At 10 a.m. MT, outdoor specialist Backcountry and active lifestyle collective AndShesDopeToo will launch a live online premiere of “Moksha.” The short film follows three Nepali women that have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy mountain biking can bring to women across the Himalyas.

Verizon Fios has also launched “Women Who Game,” which highlights some of the many women leading the charge in esports’ growth, talking about what it’s like to work and play in the gaming industry.

Both live activations were created with the help of live interactive video platform Brandlive. Earlier this year, the company released a survey in conjunction with IBM Cloud, showing that 95% of brand executives see live video as a key part of their 2018 strategies. That line of thinking is being reflected in large events everywhere today, too.

Recently, TV[R]EV spoke with Big Block’s Seven Volpone about live video’s place in the marketing mix. He saw it as a key element, but also not the only way to activate with content:

“You need to be able to capture the attention of your audience through whatever gateway they find your specific universe of content and/or experiences,” said Volpone. “So if it’s a short-form meme, or long-form content, or an event, you really have to be everywhere in that ecosystem of the creative supply chain.”

We’ve seen that strategy play out for numerous large events already this year, including the Super Bowl, Olympics and Oscars, with March Madness up next. This year’s March Madness Live app will have support for 16 different platforms, and feature an NFL RedZone-type feature that allows viewers to hone in on the critical final moments of each game.

That comes next week. But for now, it’s worth exploring all of the content — live and pre-recorded — around International Women’s Day. Along with Backcountry/AndShesDopeToo and Verizon Fios, Scottish brewery BrewDog is raising awareness around the wage gap with its “Pink IPA” and will charge women 20% less for the beer than men. Vodafone is pushing the conversation around breaking down gender stereotypes, Smirnoff and Spotify are celebrating female artists (and telling you to listen to more of these talented women), and Marie Claire is pushing to end inappropriate treatment of women in the workplace. McDonald’s flipped its famous golden arches from an ‘M’ to a ‘W’ this morning as well.

Whether via video, social media messages, or in larger actions toward shifting perceptions and policies, brands are embracing this International Women’s Day as an opportunity to align with change and the national narrative calling for equality and empowerment. Know another brand that’s using video around International Women’s Day? Let us know.