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Beachfront’s St. John On Why Decision Making Tech Will Drive Addressable TV Advertising’s Evolution

When it comes to addressable advertising, few companies are as in the thick of it than Beachfront

Beachfront is a convergent TV ad platform that works with programmers and distributors to unify traditional paid TV with connected TVs. The company acts as the ad decisioning partner between the supply/programmer side and the media buying side. When there’s an opportunity for an addressable ad insertion, Beachfront’s tech decides what ads should be served based on that individual or household. 

It recently completed a national pilot campaign with Project OAR to demonstrate the potential for addressable advertising. Beachfront Head of Partnerships Tom St. John says these early steps point to a bright future for addressability. 

“As the technology matures, addressability will organically mature with it,” he says. “The early stages of this have been around Single Ad Slot Optimization (SASO). It’s really a type of creative versioning… swapping in a different creative for the same brand. We want to move beyond that to Multiple Ad Slot Optimization (MASO)… being able to swap in (different) advertisers in real time.”

Hear St. John’s full comments on the future of addressable advertising in this video from our recent members-only TV[R]EV Thought Leaders Circle event.